Microsoft Teams Consulting

Microsoft Teams Consulting

Microsoft Teams offers a collaborative workspace, file management, projects and task tools, chats (IM), and a next generation meeting space packaged together in one solution. team is the fastest growing application in Microsoft and is transforming the way we work. Besides providing a single hub for communication and collaboration, Teams brings together many of the core function of Office 365 incorporating messaging, file sharing, meetings, voice, device, app and much more.

COMM-IT’s Digital Workstation build on top of Microsoft Teams, provides you with an integrated technology framework that centralized the management of your enterprise applications, data and endpoints, allowing your employees to collaborate and work remotely – a perfect tool to increase productivity of your employees under the changed workspace environment with COVID-19.

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Our Microsoft Teams Services

Providing complete end-to-end Microsoft Teams services which transforms the way employee communicate and collaborate.

Microsoft Teams Architecture & Design

Microsoft Teams Architecture & Design

  • Design & Integration with SharePoint site.
  • Dedicate Teams, Channels and Integration with another Platform.
  • Data Security & Scalability.

Microsoft Teams Best Practices & Governance

Build a best practice and Governance Document for Microsoft Teams and Modern SharePoint sites

  • Easy to manage Office 365 and Teams platform that will
    grow and self-manages as much as possible.
  • Lay down governance for Site Deletion, Creation
    Approvals, and 3rd Party system integration (e.g. CRM,
    Financial System).

Microsoft Teams Development

Help you enhance functionality of Team further with bots and integration with other system

  • Developing bots e.g. bots that send data from 3rd Party System to
    relevant Team or Channel – sending notification to customer team
    channel when invoice is raised.
  • Automatically creating SharePoint & MS Teams when new client is
    created in CRM system (Dynamics, Salesforce).

Microsoft Teams Digital Transformation

Help you make Digital Transformation and provide real organizational change to your culture and workforce.

  • Unique tailored approach to ensure adoption and organizational change by fully adopting Office 365 toolset.
  • SharePoint, Teams and other O365 products.

Microsoft Teams Training

Tailored training to improve adoption and ROI of Microsoft Team and O365 toolsets.

  • Training at your office location.
  • Providing training remotely from COMM-IT offices.

Microsoft Teams Support

Support services to keep your Teams running properly and improving productivity.

  • Onsite or Offsite Support packages.
  • Support for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Office 365.

Why Consider Microsoft Teams?

A hub for teamwork in Office 365.

Our Microsoft Team Use Cases


  • Get Quick Answer from PMs & Sales Ops.
  • Share Lead with Channel Partners.
  • Share Key customer wins.
  • Share Presentations, Products, or latest company news.
  • Get leads notifications and deal mentions.


  • Share campaign plan including spend allocation with ad agency.
  • Coordinate campaigns and event tasks.
  • Share latest content drafts for feedback.
  • Get automated reports from analytic tools.
  • Share information about company or products.

Human Resource

  • Share job information with recruiters
  • Align job description and streamline interviews.
  • Share employee data with external reward programs
  • Plan and prepare new employee onboarding.
  • Engage employee across multiple location in training.
  •  Share department resources and documentation.


  • Provide disclosures to auditors.
  • Preparing earning releases with cross-functional stakeholders.
  • Streamline data consolidation and analysis.
  • Store budgeting documentation and files.
  • Share economic trends and news.


  • Share requirement and design details with technology providers.
  • Enable continuous discussion across distributed teams.
  • Discuss ideas and requirements, gather inputs.
  • Store standard documentation and files.
  • Integrate with developer tools like Jira.
  • Provide security vendors with limited access to data and artifacts for

Customer Support

  •  Enable continuous knowledge sharing between shifts.
  • Share issue resolution plans with customer and partners.
  • Provide visibility into customer escalation.
  • Speed up issue resolution with various subject matter experts.
  •  Update outsourced support partners with latest data, artifacts, and resolutions.

Operations & Project Management

  • Share project plans and details with suppliers and contractors.
  • Streamline project communication and tools.
  • Provide status updates, get feedback and coordinate tasks.
  • Share files and collaborate on deliverables.

Our Implementation Methodology

COMM-IT, A Full-Service SharePoint and Teams Development Company Can Help You Get Started

Being into the business of SharePoint from the very first release of the product, we can transform the wayyou do business. With plenty success story with various clients across 12 industry verticals on SharePoint and Teams, you do not need to start from scratch and can leverage our experience with our pre-built solutions?

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SharePoint and Teams Case Study

  • Digital Signage for Bank

    This Digital Signage Project was implemented for one of the leading Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve marketing and sales of its financial products along with a platform for both corporate communication and for Sales and Marketing of its financial products.

    August 13, 2020
  • Digital Signage for Hospitals

    COMM-IT implemented this Digital Signage project for the biggest the private healthcare provider in the Middle East. Hospital is operating 14 Medical facilities across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

    August 13, 2020
  • Digital Menu Boards for QSR

    This Project was implemented for the world’s second largest restaurant chain operating in the region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The deployment included close to 3000 screens deployed over 400 restaurants.

    August 13, 2020

SharePoint and Teams Clients

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