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IT Professional Services of COMM-IT is designed with a vision to make you in charge of your business while COMM-IT takes charge of your IT Infrastructure. We partner with you and act as an extended arm of your team to ensure that you get maximum return on IT investment with minimal downtime. Our IT Professional Services can start from small help desk management and extend right up to comprehensive IT Infrastructure Management under outsourced model.

Our IT Professional and IT Manpower Division is aimed at providing affordable and quality IT support Services for small, medium, and large size business under onsite, offsite, or mixed mode. We have a well-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA), ITIL enabled support processes and industry standard tools for effective capturing, monitoring, resolution, and disposals of support incidents. We have partnership with major technology giants to bring in added value to our offerings. Our IT Support professionals are trained on multiple technology platforms to handle your complete IT Support requirement whether it’s hardware, enterprise level software or network infrastructure.

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Features & Capabilities

Technical expertise

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Service Management

Custom development

Software & hardware implementation

Technical Consultation

Managed Services

COMM-IT also offer its services as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) which act as an outsourcing model by assuming responsibility for the successful running of software or the provision of services on behalf of the customer as an extended IT arm of theirs. Managed services typically involve around-the-clock monitoring and management of software and infrastructure to ensure that service level agreements are met. COMM-IT can provide a wide range of services to clients, including managing, maintaining hardware and software infrastructure, providing technical support, managing security and compliances, and handling backup and disaster recovery. Managed services can cover any aspect of a client’s IT infrastructure, and the specific services provided may vary depending on the needs of the client.

Custom Development Services

COMMIT is into customized solution delivery. Under Custom development services offered by COMM-IT, we create software applications specifically tailored to the unique needs of a particular business or group of users. Customized development offers benefits to companies by implementing workflow and SLA-based processes. With this approach, individuals are reminded of their pending tasks through the system, which follows up with reminders and escalations in accordance with the business matrix, ensuring that no tasks are forgotten. It starts with understanding customer requirement, assessing & identifying pain points and challenges, and defining the goals & objectives of the project.

Data Analytics / BI Services

Data analytics services are a type of professional service offered by COMM-IT that involve using various analytical techniques to extract valuable insights from corporate data. The goal of data analytics services is to help businesses make better decisions by providing them with actionable insights based on data.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Consulting and advisory services are provided by COMM-IT to assist businesses in addressing a variety of challenges related to technology, compliance, risk management, and cost optimization. These services can help businesses improve their operations, reduce costs, and achieve their strategic objectives.

Resellers / VARs

COMM-IT provide an additional sales channel for a company’s products, apart from their own sales team. This can be a useful way of entering new markets, particularly international markets where the company may not have an established presence. COMM-IT is a specific type of reseller who add value to a product before selling it to end-users. This value can come in the form of additional features or services that the COMM-IT provides to the product, such as customization or integration with other systems. COMM-IT essentially create an integrated product that they can sell to end-users.

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IT Professional Services of COMM-IT is designed with a vision to make you in charge of your business while COMM-IT takes charge of your IT Infrastructure.

IT Professional Services Clients

Our client list of IT professional Services includes customers from small, medium enterprise to some of the leading Fortune global enterprises covering various industry vertical

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