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Genpact is a NYSE listed global professional services firm that makes business transformation real. Genpact drive digital-led innovation and digitally enabled intelligent operations for their clients, guided by experience running thousands of processes primarily for Global Fortune 500 companies. Genpact has combined workforce of 90,000+ professional and is operating in more than 30 countries globally.

This Digital Signage Project was implemented for GENPACT India and it was rolled for their worldwide location with Digital Signage Screen deployed at their various global location. GENPACT wanted to establish a corporate communication channel through which they could effectively communicate to their employees and customers across various GENPACT offices. COMM-IT implemented a corporate communication platform based on top of SCALA Server deployed on top of cloud to enable Genpact effectively communicate with their employee and customers. The complete content, schedule of content displays along with each screen was centrally managed by GENPACT from their corporate office in India. High resolution videos/audio and live stream were broadcast to the screen along with text and images using the central signage server deployed by COMM-IT. The Leaders /employee/contractors of each branches were able to get real-time performance update, business critical information, team performance dashboard, running campaign and award winner’s info etc. 


  • There no effective platform for corporate communication and mostly poster and banners were used for displaying Corporate Message which make creation and modification of content difficult.
  • There was no medium to display Important leadership Video content playback.
  • The Communications department always spends more time to arrange the stuffs and deliver them to each office manager.
  • Focusing information for specific employee, visitor and location was difficult.
  • There was not platform to display Live telecast for important events within the organization.
  • There no Centrally Managed and updatable content management system.


  • COMM-IT designed and implemented a centrally managed digital signage solution with high resolution display screen deployed globally which provided an effective medium for corporate communication.
  • The solution implemented had 24/7 Reliable and stable performance.
  • The solution had provision for Superior playback technology.
  • The solution allowed the content manager to easily Create, Design, Customized and control the content across each screen.
  • The solution provided Content Scheduling options.
  • Scheduling and broadcasting of live events across GENPACT office was possible on the solution deployed by COMM-IT.
  • Digital Signage network runs on 35 plasma screens across GENPACT.
  • Contents are playing on multiple locations with specific content.
  • Leadership video messages can be displayed to its employee worldwide at the push of few clicks.
  • Welcome messages for clients visit with effective branding of Genpact which create high value impact on the clients.
  • News feed template was implemented.
  • Important crawling text message runs on screen with main content.
  • Multiple frames window with multiple content in single screens


  • Centralized content management systems.
  • Fully automation of content visualization
  • Important news and messages are playing on screens in real time.
  • Effective communications with employees and management.
  • Ability to broadcast corporate event live across various screen deployed globally.

Technologies Used

  • Scala Digital Signage Applications with Cloud server
  • Windows OS

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