Digital Menu Boards for QSRQuick Service Restaurant

Americana has +300 locations for KFC and Hardees Quick Service Restaurants across KSA. Before digital menu board changing the prices and adding new product was a very resource intensive and had to be coordinated with all restaurants keeping in mind the price variation for the products in different locations and also based on time of the year like holidays, national days and etc.

Americana needed an effective Digital Menu Board Solution which make the process of creating and changing menu easy and manageable. A solution was needed which would enable Americana to better control and display the menu across their restaurants. Digital Menu board was to be centrally controlled and managed and allow for design and display of high resolution display of menu with the option of changing these display to show eye catching video for effective marketing and brand building.


  • The restaurant had to reprint and change the menu board each time prices or offering was changing. This was costly and at the same time a lengthy process. Many promotion and festive season required faster changes in the display board which was inefficient
  • It was getting difficult to physically monitor the menu item which was being displayed at various stores and in case of errors in print the changing of the menu board was time consuming.
  • Managers had to physically visit stores and verify the right pricing was being displayed
  • It was challenging to ensuring that any updates in prices in the POS is reflected correctly in the Menu Display.


COMM-IT Implemented Scala Digital Solution along with LG displays and IBase Media Players. Digital Menu board was implemented wherein static print-based menu were replaced with digital screen which displayed the menu. A centralized server controlled all the content which is to be displayed at every restaurant and in every screen. The complete digital menu board content could now be created at a central location and then pushed into every screen allowing flexibility in complete management of content and pricing at every restaurant and in every screen. The scheduling of content allowed the chain to create an annual schedule keeping in view the festive season and promotion and then at the right time as per schedule pushing these contents into every screen.


  • Centralization Server to manage all the Restaurant’s menu display for One location.
  • Menu can be changes instantly to reflect price or availability changes.
  • Menus can be scheduled days in advance.
  • For items out of stock or not available, same can be reflected on the store’s menu Display.
  • Created Workgroup so that each region to ensure that only the corresponding menu was updates there.
  • Using Metadata to Lock menu template for Specialty stores to ensure that its content cannot be displayed to other stores by mistake.

Technologies Used

  • Windows Server
  • PostgreSQL Server
  • Scala Digital Signage Server
  • Scala Designer

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