Digital Signage for BankBanking and Financial Services

This Digital Signage Project was implemented for one of the leading Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Bank wanted to improve marketing and sales of its financial products. The Digital Signage platform implemented by COMM-IT provided and effective platform for both corporate communication and for Sales and Marketing of its financial products. The network of centrally controlled and managed displays allowed high-resolution eye-catching images, text and audio/video content tailored to individual branches offices to be displayed. The Managers of each branch is now able to roll out offers and promotion with click of a button. The system is also integrated with TV Channels providing live News channels and is also integrated to the Queuing System (Qmatic) to provide alerts for the customers.


  • The bank was facing challenge in effective way of communication to employees and customer securely and reliably and was looking for platform for the same.
  • The bank lacked an effective Queue Management solution which can integrate with the exiting display screen. They required integration with Qmatic.
  • The bank was not having an effective display solution to automatically display Currency conversion database. They wanted a solution which can display currency conversion in real time basis.
  • The bank lacked an effective medium for branding of its products and communication of its promotions.
  • The bank needed and effective medium for better In-Branch Customer Experience for the Banks Unique Set of Customers.
  • The bank needed a platform to raise awareness to the Customers about various bank scams.
  • The bank needed the platform wherein in each Bank manager can manage their content and have control and access to content to be displayed in their branch.


  • COMM-IT Implemented Scala Digital Solution along with LG displays and AOpen Media Players.
  • The complete Queue management was streamlined using Qmatic Solution which was integrated with Digital Signage displays.
  • The solution was integrated with other third party displays like currency conversion, RSS feeds etc.


  • Centralization Server to manage all the Stores Display for One location.
  • Ensured the Media Player is secure with MD5 Encryption between the Scala Player and Scala central Server.
  • HTTPS encrypted Webpage.
  • One level Workflow to ensure Confidential Documents are not Displayed by Mistake.
  • Promotions can be scheduled days ahead by the Branch managers.
  • Raising awareness with the customers about Internet and banking Scams.
  • Automate the Update of latest Currency rates.
  • Created Workgroup so that each Branch Manager Has access to only their Branch and general Content Folder

Technologies Used

  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • Scala Digital Signage Server
  • Scala Designer
  • Qmatic

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