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Power Platform comprises of four products namely, Microsoft Power BI, PowerApps, Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate (formerly known as Flow). Power platform provided you means to present, manipulate, automate, and analyze data and can be used with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 along with other third-party apps, and Microsoft services with Azure hosted departmental applications. This connected platform is what sets Microsoft applications and infrastructure apart from all the rest.

Power Platform is extended on top of data platform called Common Data Services (CDS) which had standard business entities that are shared across Dynamics 365(ERP & CRM), Power BI, Office 365, and Microsoft cloud solutions. 

COMM-IT as a Microsoft Certified Partner have developed more than two dozen business productivity apps on Power Platform and has proven track record of deployment on Power Platform across enterprises and government sectors.

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Why Power Platform?

One Platform, unlimited opportunities to build custom business applications and intelligent data services.

Power Virtual Agent

Low-Code or No-Code based project approach allowing for “Citizen Developer” self-service approach.

Application Modernization

Rapidly build connected apps and processes using Common Data Service as the foundation layer.

Unify & Automate

Bring in uniformity in your process across the organization and then automate these using Power Automate. 250+ connectors and Common Data Services.

360⁰ Visibility

360 visibility with Power BI into your organization, all its business units. Unprecedented power to make informed and timely decision to help grow your business.

Extend D365 and O365

With CDS funnel D365 and O365 data into Power Platform data and then deliver the information to sales, finance, HR, and marketing.

Power Virtual Agent

Create powerful Chatbots – without the need for developers or data scientists with no-code graphical interface.

Unmatched Architecture Flexibility

Low-Code Platform that spans Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Standalone applications

Our Power Platform Services

Providing services which helps you analyze data, build solutions, automate processes and create virtual agents and connect them together and to O365, D365, Azure and hundreds of other apps for end-to-end business solutions.

App Development

Review, recommend, Design and Build custom business rule-driven app with modern UI/UX with limited budget and time.

Transform Enterprise Data

UI/UX Design, Process Design, Custom Connectors, Power App Portal, Custom Components, Integration Services – SharePoint, O365, Dynamics 365 & ISV.

Integration services

Integrating with across MS repositories – SharePoint O365, D365 and third-party platforms – Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, Oracle, DocuSign, Adobe etc.

Legacy to Power Apps

Helping you replace, modernize legacy processes and extend their functionality with Power App with reliable business processes.

Process Automation

We help bring uniformity in your process across the organization and then automate these using Power Automate or third-party automation, connectors and Common Data Services.

360⁰ Visibility

Using Power BI, we bring in 360⁰ visibility into your organization, all its business unit with power to make informed and timely decision to grow your business.

Common Data Service

We help implement CDS, a cloud-based data storage to integrate different data source into a single store which is then accessible to Power Platform.

Extend D365 and O365

Using the same CDS we can funnel data into Power Platform helping you analyze important data and deliver information to sales, finance, HR and marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage AI Builder and integrate with Power Apps and Automate to add intelligence in your apps using prebuilt or customer AI Builder model for prediction, form processing, object detection etc.

Analytics Using Power BI

Providing Power BI services which help you analyze and view data through compelling visualizations and interactive reports in unified dashboard to create, update, organize and share reports on any device.

Planning & Configuring Power BI

Examine your data infrastructure to address your organization problem correlated to unexploited data. helping you achieve business goals through informed business decision making.

Integrate with Data Sources

Integrate massive volume of data from disparate sources and if data not in desired format, we use our in-built tools to query, load and transform data into Power BI formats.

Data Preparation

We ensure you receive uninterrupted flow of data in your Power BI and clean, prepare and enrich data from multiple sources in order to be used by Power BI.

Calculations and Measures

Using DAX we create measure and calculated columns for smaller datasets. For large datasets (Direct Query), calculated columns and measures are built in data source.

Role-Based Dashboards

We develop customized dashboards & reports which are role-centric for your organization which brings right information to right person and at right time. 

Training & Support

Our Power BI consultants provide training session to ensure full utilization of dashboards. We provide post implementation support to ensure drive the full potential of Power BI.

Digital App Board

A collection of more than 24 Business Productivity App developed using Power with D365, O365 and third-party software integration

Field Service

Manage Remote field service support and maintenance.

Field Sales

Manage field Sale Worker, capture filed sales data and conduct field sales audits.

Field Visit for Insurance & Claims

Capture field’s data for Insurance & Claims

Expense Management

Create, Submit and Track Expense Claims Approval for employees


Self-Attendance with Geo-Tag and Geo fencing

Task Management

Create, Assign, Track and Manage tasks assigned to the employees.

Legal Process Automation

Complete Automation of all the Legal Document approval along with Legal Information Management.

Assets Management

Create, Submit and Track asset allocation request and locate asset distribution within the organization

Leave Management

Raise Leave, Manages Leave, Approval.

Helpdesk Ticket – App for Helpdesk Management

Enables the companies to resolve customer issues efficiently by simply automating complaint resolution process with ticket management.

Employee On and Off Boarding App

Automate the complete for new employees joining and employee off boarding for those who have resigned.

Documents Management and Approval

Manage, Co-Author, Share, and Collaborate and Automate Documents approval.

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Power Platform Case Study

  • Digital Signage for Bank

    This Digital Signage Project was implemented for one of the leading Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve marketing and sales of its financial products along with a platform for both corporate communication and for Sales and Marketing of its financial products.

    August 13, 2020
  • Digital Signage for Hospitals

    COMM-IT implemented this Digital Signage project for the biggest the private healthcare provider in the Middle East. Hospital is operating 14 Medical facilities across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

    August 13, 2020
  • Digital Menu Boards for QSR

    This Project was implemented for the world’s second largest restaurant chain operating in the region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The deployment included close to 3000 screens deployed over 400 restaurants.

    August 13, 2020

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