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COMM-IT specializes in creating world-class industryleading analytics application on Powe BI which helps empower decision-makers with a unified platform to access all important information with intuitive & visually appealing dashboards. Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Data Analytics Partner, COMM-IT employs a pool of Microsoft Power BI certified consultant and over the years have implemented Data Analytics solution for some of the leading enterprises globally.

Power BI is one of most empowering data analytics tools for creating and nurturing modern, data-driven enterprises. It provides a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data, share insights and deploy rich dashboard on every device.

Our Power BI Services

We leverage Power BI to create world-class analytics applications that with appropriate data syncing, data integration management, prototyping, and interactive dashboard. Being a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in Data Analytics we employ certified consultant on Power BI and have helped some of the large known enterprises across the globe to identify, define, plan, deliver and track organization goals and business health through our Power BI Services.

Power BI Consulting

Complete assessment to understand your business process by meeting your key
decision makers. Study you internal and external system to device BI roadmap.

Power BI Custom Development

Complete customization services to create business insights and integrate
data from multiple sources into embedded analytical reports and dashboard.

Embed Power BI

We integrate and embed your Power BI Dashboard into the applications of your
choice, whether SharePoint portal, custom build portal or others.

Data Visualizations

We turn data into insights for decisionmakers by creating intuitive and easy to
digest reports and dashboards which are interactive with real-time data integration.

Power BI Training

Our Power BI consultants provide training session to ensure full utilization of
dashboards and usage of Power BI to its full potential.

Power BI Data Integrations

Wherever your data lies – Excel, SharePoint, ERPs, CRMs etc, we help
amalgamate and analyse it on Power BI with one set of reports.

Power BI Azure Services

We leverage the cloud-based capabilities of Power BI to build reports that responsive and accessible from any device, any place, and any time.

Power BI on Mobile

We leverage the Power BI Native mobile apps to extend your reports on your tablets and mobile device for anytime and anywhere access.

Cortana AI

We leverage Cortana AI tool to build natural language queries about your data
and get answers and insights against immediately against your questions.

Power BI Managed Services

As support partner we provide network of Power BI Consultants to work as
extended arm of your team for ongoing customization and support.

Data Warehousing

We architect dimensionally modelled data warehouse with services for Data Modelling & Integration, Data Mart to design, operation & support of Data Warehouse.

Performance Tuning

Our performance tuning services include Data Model Optimization, pipeline
optimization, improving code reusability and code optimization.

COMM-IT, A Full-Service Microsoft Power BI Service Provider Can Help You Get Started

Being into the business of Microsoft BI since the early, we can help bring your enterprise data to life. With plenty success story with various clients across 12 industry verticals, you do not need to start from scratch and can leverage our experience and our pre-built Power BI solutions?

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Data Analytics Case Study

  • Digital Signage for Bank

    This Digital Signage Project was implemented for one of the leading Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve marketing and sales of its financial products along with a platform for both corporate communication and for Sales and Marketing of its financial products.

    August 13, 2020
  • Digital Signage for Hospitals

    COMM-IT implemented this Digital Signage project for the biggest the private healthcare provider in the Middle East. Hospital is operating 14 Medical facilities across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

    August 13, 2020
  • Digital Menu Boards for QSR

    This Project was implemented for the world’s second largest restaurant chain operating in the region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The deployment included close to 3000 screens deployed over 400 restaurants.

    August 13, 2020

Data Analytics Clients

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