COMM-IT has been in the business of automation right from the early days of workflow and business process automation to the latest RPA and intelligent process automation. At COMM-IT we believe in automating everything that can be automated. Automation provides you the speed in which you can innovate and create value in your network of customer, suppliers, and partners and thus providing you the competitive edge.

Our Automation services and solutions is aimed at freeing up our employees from repetitive and unproductive task so that they can focus on more meaningful work and increase their productivity.

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Helping you choose the right technology platform and combine BPA and RPA based automation in a way which bring maximum ROI and increased productivity.

Our BPM Proposition

What We Bring on Table with Our BPM Automation

Reduced Labor Costs

Optimize Repetitive processes to reduce labor cost.

Intangible Benefits

Improved processes, better quality, higher employee morale and better decision making. 

Improved Customer Service

Automate grievances handling to provide better service.

Consistent Process Handling

Bring Consistency by having established procedure and ensuring it is followed every time.

Increased Productivity

Automation of processes that need manual intervention leads to increased productivity.

Shorter Cycle Times

Automation of processes leads to less time in completion.

Increased Profits

Automation of processes for revenue generation has an immediate and significant impact on revenues.

Reduced Error Handling

Automation of processes reduces errors due to human intervention.

Easier Management of IT Infrastructure

Implement Application integration to reduce cost in IT management and administration time.

Increased Regulatory Compliance

Easily adopt ever changing regulatory compliance of government without coding.

Our BPM Services.

Complete BPM Services spanning for 12+ years with industry specific solution to meet your end-to-end requirements.

Digital Transformation

BPM Consulting, Strategy, PlatformAssessment, Governance, and roadmap definition.


Global Rollout and Implementations.Solution Architecture, Application Development.


Business Repository Management,Application Management, BusinessProcess Outsourcing.


SoAand Rest API based Integration,EAI (ERP, CRM etc.).


PoCWorkshop–prototype to assess the performance and usability of BPM, PlatformAssessment, Governance, and roadmap definition.

Cloud Integration

BPM based SaaS solutions for private, public or hybrid cloud

BPM Migration

Migration assessment, roadmap, and testing. Process re-engineering.


Our RPA Proposition

What We Bring on Table with Our RPA Automation

Improved Accuracy

Follow rules ensuring compliance and consistency with 100% error-free output.

Improved Compliance

Bots operates in accordance with regulations and standards and provide an audit trail history.

Increased Productivity

Removes non-value-add activities with process cycle time much faster compared to manual process.

Highly Scalable

Easily and quickly deploy additional robots with minimal cost in case of increased work flux and seasonality.

Non-Invasive Technology

No disruption to available legacy system as bots can work across the UI layer just as a person.

Cost Savings

ROI within 12 months with potential for further accumulative cost reductions.

Happier Workforce

With bots handling repetitive task, the employees get more time to engage in creative work.

24/7 Reliability

Bots work much faster than your team and without any break 24*7*365.

Low Technology Barrier

No-code approach allowing non-technical staff with drag and drop based bot setup.

Process Improvement

Helps tackle stagnation in productivity with massive process improvement – 50% to 300%.

Our RPA Services

Providing intelligent automation with RPA which helps automate the repetitive task, cut cost, and improve productivity of your workforce.

Business Readiness Analysis

Process Assessment, Scoping and Feasibility Study.


BOT Maintenance and day-to-day analysis, Change Management, process improvement & Optimization.


Shortlist PoC Process, Identify RPAPlatform, Pilot Prototype Execution.

RPA Apps Development

End-to-end RPA enabled applications,self-running, and human-guided RPAapps, workflow supported robots.

Case Discovery

Case Discovery, As-Is and To-Be maps,RPA Technology Recommendation,Efforts & Costing


Solution Design & Architecture, BOTsDesign & Deployment, Configuration& UAT.


Integrate RPA Solutions into the business workflow, RESTful API Integration of ERP, CRM or CMS.

Cloud Integration

Hosting your RPA on Cloud,Integration of Cloud Apps with RPA.

Our RPA Technology Offerings

Diversified RPA Technology implementation which helps bring automation at every stage of your processes.

Document Capture Services

Capture documents from scanner. Email, FTP, mobiles phones, printers. Third party integration like Kofax.

Image Processing Development

Intelligent Data Capture – OCR, BCR, ICR, OMR, Screen Scarping.

Unattended Automation

Back office robot that works in batch mode w/o intervention.

Recorder Automation

Automating Task for recording mouse and keyboard actions – data entry on web forms and data extractions

Screen Scraping

Screen scarping for data migration & integration to communicate with legacy apps that do not offer an API.

BPM and RPA Integration

Robots to ease complications of data transfer between application with high accuracy.


Global Rollout and Implementations. Solution Architecture, Application Development.

Extraction Technology Development

Rules based extraction algorithm. Populate database or downstream application.

Attended Automation

Front robot sharing interface with human agent holding control over utilization.

Desktop Automation

Custom desktop automation of rule-based task.

Web Scraping & GUI Automation

Web Form filling, screen scraping, GUI Controls Recognition & action recorder, data extraction and transfer between applications.

Excel Automation

Robots to ease complications of data transfer between application with high accuracy.

Automation Technology Skills

Varied technology skills which can help bring complete Digital Transformation within your business.



Our Industry Specific Automation Use Cases

Whatever Your Business, we have the Solution.


RPA with BPM as virtual worker to reduce response time from days to hours and enforce compliance.


Enforcement of compliance & regulation along with cost reduction


Improve patient care by reducing admin workload with compliance & documentation.

Legal Services

Improve accuracy in cases, activity reports, time sheets, client management etc.


Reduce cycle times, increase production rates, and improve supply chain with improved cross dept functions. 


Cut human errors & increase customer satisfaction by improving response time in claim processing.


RPA and BPM to improve task completion, shorter wait times, pulling up reservation & royalty rewards, automating invoices and settlements etc.

Real Estate

RPA and BPM to find tenants, creating documents, doing background verification, property inspection management account etc.


Automate returns process, order management, customer management, shipping status, accounts & finance etc. 

Oil & Gas

Automation of supply chain services, trading functions, logistics processing, safety and security.


Ensuring security and accuracy of information while complying with rules set by authorities.


Increase subscriber base. improve customer satisfaction by automating contracts, improving service quality, and reducing cost. 

COMM-IT, A Full-Service Automation Company Can Help You Get Started

Being into the business of Automation from the early days, we can transform the way you do business. With plenty success story with various clients across 12 industry verticals, you do not need to start from scratch and can leverage our experience and our pre-built solutions?

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Automation Case Study

  • Digital Signage for Bank

    This Digital Signage Project was implemented for one of the leading Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve marketing and sales of its financial products along with a platform for both corporate communication and for Sales and Marketing of its financial products.

    August 13, 2020
  • Digital Signage for Hospitals

    COMM-IT implemented this Digital Signage project for the biggest the private healthcare provider in the Middle East. Hospital is operating 14 Medical facilities across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

    August 13, 2020
  • Digital Menu Boards for QSR

    This Project was implemented for the world’s second largest restaurant chain operating in the region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The deployment included close to 3000 screens deployed over 400 restaurants.

    August 13, 2020

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