Field Visit Solutions


A series of automation solutions for field services targeted at FSM, fields sales staff, field audit & inspection etc. Our FSM solutions is a convenient tool to manage field employee from a centralized location by assigning and scheduling task to field workers and realtime notification and tracking of status. Along with this the solution allows the field worker to update real time reports from the field.

Field Service Management

Providing installation, support, and maintenance for remote field locations.

Use Case: Field merchandising, Store Audits and compliance, Marketing Intelligence Research.

  • Raise Service Request.
  • Assign Service Request to concerned field agent.
  • Relevant data to field agent – service location, contact details
  • Review and Analysis: note down in detail about the problem,
    issues, take picture (machine, parts, service photo etc.).
  • Sign Off: Take Signature for closing of service request or
    making further visit.
  • Order Parts: Flexibility to create product or parts replacement request – can be integrated with back backend system for final processing.
  •  Electronic Stamping: Time Stamping and Auto Geotagging of
    all the request for audits on visit at any later point of time.


  • Easy to use UI:
  • Real time Status updates.
  • QR Code.
  • Eliminate Paperwork.
  • Set Priority.
  • Ability to Product/Parts request.


  • REST API based third party.
  • ERP (Dynamics, SAP) – Pickup Equipment from and place
    part replacements.
  • QR Code.

Field Sales Visit Management

Managing, Scheduling, and Monitoring Field Sales Reps Activities in Real-Time.

Use Case: Field merchandising, Store Audits and compliance, Marketing Intelligence Research.


  • On-Shelf Availability.
  • Order & Returns.
  • Competitor price & promotions.
  • In-store customer surveys.
  • KPI – Dashboards & Analytic Reports.


  • Increase Field Reps Productivity.
  • Prevent Fraud.
  • Eliminate Paperwork.
  • Boost RevenueAbility to Product/Parts request.

Store Audit

  • Product Pricing & placement.
  • Compliance.
  • Field Merchandising.


  • Assign territories.
  • Real-time field activities.
  • Field Rep timesheets.

Field Visit Solution for Insurance and Claims

Capture fields data for Insurance & Claims.

Use Case: Financial Insurance Services (Auto Insurance, Medical Insurance etc.)

  • Policyholder on-boarding in real time – capture required data
    for each scenario.
  • Automate task-led business process – renewal/escalation for
    medical underwriting.
  • Manage Claims – app for customer to answer question, capture & attach images (e.g. accident claims).
  • Capture Fields Data for Auto accidents claims process.
  • Capture & Upload real time photos, geotagging & time stamping, capture electronic signature from using the mobile device.
  • Back End Admin Panel: On Web/Microsoft Teams, Power BI Dashboard.


  • Easy to use UI:
  • Real time Status updates.
  • Eliminate Paperwork.
  • Workflow Based Approvals
  • Set Priority.
  • Integration with CRM and ERP (MS Dynamics).
  • Cost Saving – Replace Handheld Devices with Existing Mobile.


  • REST API based third party.
  • ERP (Dynamics, SAP).
  • QR Code.

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Field visit Case Study

  • Digital Signage for Bank

    This Digital Signage Project was implemented for one of the leading Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve marketing and sales of its financial products along with a platform for both corporate communication and for Sales and Marketing of its financial products.

    August 13, 2020
  • Digital Signage for Hospitals

    COMM-IT implemented this Digital Signage project for the biggest the private healthcare provider in the Middle East. Hospital is operating 14 Medical facilities across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

    August 13, 2020
  • Digital Menu Boards for QSR

    This Project was implemented for the world’s second largest restaurant chain operating in the region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The deployment included close to 3000 screens deployed over 400 restaurants.

    August 13, 2020

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